I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against.
— Malcolm X

At the intersection of fashion, culture, and confidence, you find the trendsetting work of Anneke Marie Mitchell. Anneke Marie is the CEO of HerStori Wraps and creative hands, lens and genius behind AnnekesWorld.com.
An activist at heart, the California native’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2016 as she rallied women from all over to join her in #WrapWednesday, a weekly movement ignited by controversy sparked on whether Headwraps were acceptable for school. 
As the movement and hashtag grew, so did the demand for Headwraps, forcing Anneke Marie to get behind a sewing machine to give women the unique wraps they desired and deserved!
In December 2016, HerStori Wraps officially sold its first wraps at HerStoriWraps.com attracting customers from across the globe! The site currently houses a collection of over 20+ customized wraps and a new closet collection of fashion apparel. 
The success of HerStori Wraps quickly spread, placing Anneke among the inaugural class of Phoenix’s Forty Under 40, a prominent vendor to local boutiques and events, hosting events and landing a special exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum.


For the last two years, the brand has celebrated its success with two signature fashion events for the community,  “The Wrap Effect I & II”, attracting hundreds of attendees and showcasing over 20 black owned business vendors and fashion designers. 
Anneke continues to empower women by educating them on the cultural importance of the Headwrap and by providing intimate tutorials on the infinite ways that wraps can be styled!
Inspiring others to be BOLD,  CONFIDENT, and EMPOWERED remains at the core of this young entrepreneurs mission. Her creativity and willingness to share prompted her to create AnnekesWorld.com, showcasing photography projects and video blogs.
When Anneke isn’t behind the sewing machine, she is circulating the black dollar by highlighting black owned businesses, taking the lead on PHX LOC Cash Mob initiative and volunteering with local organizations that empower the Phoenix community!